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Construction Accidents

Sewell & Neal PLLC has experience in defending many types of construction claims.  Some of our past cases have involved:

– A multi-million dollar claim that arose from the inadvertent discharge of a fire sprinkler system in a high rise office building.  We represented the sprinkler contractor in a lawsuit filed by the building owner and its insurer.  Our investigation revealed that the sprinkler contractor followed the design drawings prepared by a fire protection engineering consultant, and that the consultant’s drawings failed to include a safety valve in part of the system that could have prevented the discharge.  We also established that the building management company acted as its own general contractor, and that it had authorized the manner in which the sprinkler contractor connected CPVC pipes from an existing sprinkler system to the steel piped system installed by the sprinkler contractor.  The parties eventually reached a settlement that reflected the comparative negligence of the management company and the fire protection engineering consultant.

– A personal injury claim that arose from the failure of a mobile truck crane at a construction site.  We represented the crane contractor in a lawsuit filed by an injured electrical worker.  The worker also sued the manufacturer/retailer of the crane.  Our pre-trial discovery established that the manufacturer failed to include proper labels and instructions on the crane, and the parties later reached a satisfactory settlement.