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Workers Compensation

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Sewell & Neal PLLC takes great pride in meeting the special challenges that are presented in defending a workers’ compensation claim.  We have a record of success in both Kentucky and Indiana.

In Indiana, Mike Neal represented a car parts manufacturer in a serious back injury claim.  The claimant applied for Social Security disability benefits, and was found to meet the criteria for a disability.  The claimant argued that he was entitled to a permanent total disability award in the workers’ compensation claim as well.  We uncovered evidence of a prior injury, and convinced the workers’ compensation hearing officer that the claimant had not sustained a work related injury and had committed fraud with respect to the claim.  Our client prevailed and the claim was dismissed.

In Kentucky, Mr. Neal defended a local distillery in a serious back injury claim.  The claimant alleged that he sustained a serious back injury that required multiple surgeries as a result of lifting heavy cases of whiskey.  The Social Security Administration awarded the claimant disability benefits in an unrelated proceeding in which we did not take part, and the claimant sought to recover an award for a permanent and total disability in the workers’ compensation claim.  We established that the injury may have been related to a water skiing accident.  The Administrative Law Judge found that the claimant did not sustain a work related injury and dismissed the claim.