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Peter Sewell and Erin Logsdon defend local pizza pub in dog bite case

Pete Sewell and Erin Farnham successfully defended a popular local pizza restaurant/pub at trial on a claim that the establishment negligently selected an independent contractor security service to patrol the premises. The security service used two security guards and a trained canine in its patrol of the restaurant. At or after the 2:00 AM closing time, security advised a patron that the restrooms were closed. The patron and her husband became angry, the husband got into an argument with security. The situation escalated when the husband and a friend broke the front glass window of the establishment and became involved in physical altercations in the parking lot with the two security guards. The trained canine became involved in the fight, which resulted in bite wounds to the husband. husband and his friend filed suit against the restaurant and claimed that the restaurant negligently selected the security contractor at issue. The husband claimed $50,000 in damages for pain and suffering but was only awarded pain and suffering damages in the amount of $3,000. The jury determined that the restaurant was 15% at fault for the incident, which left it responsible for $450.00 of the $3,000 verdict.